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Umour Is:
The Umour Ritual Specialists are:

Loudmouth Bill

That which has been seen can not be unseen.



That which has been said can not be unsaid.



That which has been heard can not be unheard.



That which has been moved can not be unmoved.


About the Umour Ritual:

The Umour Ritual Event/Non-Event can take place within any specified or non specified time frame and may occur at a specific or non-specific location as deemed appropriate by The Ritual Specialists. This allows for the maximum number of possible variable parameters available to the ritual specialists.

Ritual Specialists perform various disciplines. Each Ritual Specialist may perform any or all of these. Ritual Specialists may work the ritual together or separately, and may cross disciplines as needed. Events and Event/Non-Events are performed and documented by each Ritual Specialist accordingly.